There are different types of metal detectors that can be used on the beach. Each brand has specific qualities that determine where it can be used. As a tourist, it is recommended to understand the specifications of these devices so that you can purchase and carry the correct item during your next holiday. This is very important because it ensures you do not lose your valuable metal items such as rings and bracelets while enjoying your honeymoon, during famine vacations, or when you are having fun with your friends.

What should you know about metal detector for the beach?

Perhaps you have made your mind about metal detecting, but you are not sure of the factors to consider when selecting correct detectors. This is the most important factors to consider.


The type of water where the detector can be used

Under this category, there are freshwater and saltwater metal detectors. Freshwater metal detectors are normally used by tourists because most tourist activities take place in freshwater beaches. Freshwater beaches will hold onto precious metallic items for a long time so if you lost an item a few months ago, you need to get a good freshwater metal detector and revisit your previous destination. It is recommended to use this type of detector during the fall season when the levels of water have reduced and when trash has been cleared away.


For freshwater, the following characteristics of a metal detector should be considered:

  • It should be waterproof.
  • It should have fast target response indicators.
  • It should have interchangeable coils to facilitate target separation.
  • It should feature digital display for better detection.

Saltwater metal detectors are used in dry sand areas, wet sand areas, and underwater surfaces along the shoreline. They are different from their freshwater counterparts because they are designed to withstand high concentrations of salt and minerals. In that case, a person cannot use a freshwater device in salty environments because it will wear out faster and it may also fail to give credible results.


The most important features of a salt water metal detector for beach include:

  • It should be approved for use in saltwater environments
  • Excellent ability to detect metals that are located at greater depths
  • Light detectors that can be carried for long distances
  • It should be waterproof
  • Wet and dry sand beach metal detectors

It is also important to understand that different detectors can work best in different settings so it pays to understand the difference between dry and wet sand detecting. Dry sand detectors are used in areas where water rarely access. Beaches have vast areas of dry sand and there are high chances that precious items are washed onto these areas by tide waters. Therefore, metal detecting in the dry sand has higher chances of success because most metal detectors can be used with ease. Besides, it is easy to dig up what is found

unlike in the water where additional gear is necessary. In this context, beginners can commence their work on dry sand because they are more likely to collect plenty of valuables within short periods. However, as experience increases, the wet sand will beckon a beginner and very soon, the person will be in the water looking for more treasures.

Basically, this activity is full of fun especially if an enthusiast identifies the best equipment for use.

On the other hand, wet sand detectors are used in water, and it presents tougher assignments that in dry sand detection. It can also be dangerous for inexperienced personnel because waves and rip currents can strike anytime. However, this should not scare anyone because there is always a way to maneuver. The fact that wet sand metal detection is challenging and required more equipment implies it is worthy because fresher and more items can be collected. Reviews and opinions given by people who are engaged in this activity show that items recovered in wet sand are more valuable than those found in dry sand.

To sum it up, the descriptions provided by this article are sufficient to kick start your journey in metal detection. It contains all information that you need, but you need to gather more on aspects such as clothing, safety precautions, and other aspects that will enhance your performance in this amazing activity.