A metal detector is an electronic device which senses the presence of hidden metallic objects. They consist of a sensor which when comes by a metallic object beeps. The closer it gets to the metallic object the higher the frequency of the beeps. These metal detectors are used in different fields; they can be used in the entrance of a court house, prison, airports, government offices, shopping malls, the borders, scientist, or even as a hobby.

Some people love exploration they one discovering new things that have stayed hundreds of years without any human contact. Things like discovering coins which were used hundreds of years back, maybe put their names in great historical discovery or even sell their findings to make some income. To discover such, they opt to use metal detectors some even walk for hours on long distances and regard it as part of their physical exercise.

When one wants to venture in metal detecting as a hobby: firstly, they will need to get one. The cheaper it is the better for a beginner for metal detecting is not a hobby to everyone you may like it or not. The cheapest will range at an average of between two hundred dollars to about four hundred dollars these are detectors such as the Garret or even the Fisher among several others. The choice of a metal detector you want is mainly influenced by; the location where you live in, the budget you have allocated for the gadget, your expertise in metal detecting and how technical you plan to be.

With this in consideration, you 1 will can get a metal detector of your choice.

Once you have your metal detector of choice you then must find a place to go hunting. The most common areas one can start with are; along the lakes, oceans, and seas, among the public parks, public schools especial those with a long history or even in any private property. All these are places that have been exposed to human activities for over a period and can be great places to start with but one must make sure he or she first gets permission especially in the private properties and the public schools.

Do not limit yourself to the stated list but as you grow in experience you can look for old maps, history booklets, old newspapers just to name a few which can show various places that were human settlements and can help you achieve a lot of success. When it comes to the old maps you can gain access to either through the online map resources such as or even your local library. The newspapers you can also try the local library or search online through

Once you have started on your venture you must make sure you have a mini secure bag pack to place your findings. It should have a variety of pockets to place your finding in order of importance to reduce the risk of damage. Lastly, you will need to wash or clean your findings. This will only be possible when one uses water to wash it but not chemicals. Chemicals may destroy your findings.

Even though metal detecting is a great hobby and a great way of ensuring security it is also surrounded by a controversy. Numerous lawmakers and the education departments argue that metal detectors in schools will disrupt the school’s programs because there will be a lot of time lost in the metal detecting process especially in schools with a large number of students. There also posed a controversy on when the metal detectors will be used. When the students will be attending the classes and after schools, they seem to have no use for those hours. Meaning if it cannot be used twenty-four hours in a day one could easily sneak in and hide weapons in the school.

This metal detector firstly will need to be purchased, secondly there will be a need to hire personnel to supervise and ensure its running smoothly, thirdly in case it wears out in the future it will need to be replaced. It is clear enough these devices will come with expenses, and who will cater for these expenses? This is among the biggest controversies the metal detectors offer in school.

The metal detectors like those in the airport cost at an average of between five thousand dollars to few hundred dollars which might be affordable to some small businesses such as clubs and venue places. There are also various entrances in most venues like in gatherings for a sporting event in a stadium. The press is constantly moving in and out loading their equipment’s and the time required for fans to pass through doesn't offer appropriate time for a thorough search. This is among the biggest challenges facing metal detectors.

We can only solve that by being more organized and creating better and faster metal detectors.

Some people claim metal detectors are not safe and cause cancer with their magnetic fields this is just but a myth and totally false. Metal detectors use back-scatter technology which causes no harm to any human being. Another myth people claim metal detectors do not detect all metals. This is false Metal detectors detect all metals that's why you empty your pockets, remove your belts or even metallic chains one is wearing at the entrance before passing through the metal detectors. This is because it detects all metallic materials.

Metal detectors have various challenges facing it but in general, they ensure safety among st ourselves and give us a chance to explore and find great findings which can help in understanding the past or even provide income through employment at the security or selling your finding.