How can you make sure the detector you buy is the right one for you? These tips on selecting a metal detector will help you make sound judgement in order to make the right buy. The ideal metal detector will depend on:

1. For some serious business like treasure hunting for buried coins or artifacts, consider models that have capabilities to search deeply. Of course, they come at a higher price but in such cases, you don't want a detector with shortcomings. If you are going to use your detector for gold nuggets, you will have to go for detectors with smaller coils and operating at higher frequencies. These kinds of detectors have the ability to search for really tiny pieces of gold, a feature not found in a normal one. They also can detect something that's deep down.

2. If you are a retiree or a person with lots of free time, you may find yourself tempted to go on expeditions from time to time. Therefore, buy a detector that will not wear out soon, even if it will cost you more.

3. Detecting can happen anywhere, on mountains, in lakes, on beaches, parks and other places. For dry ground, standard all-purpose metal detectors will work for you. But if your expeditions will take you to places with water, you will have to buy detectors that are specifically designed to work in wet environments without getting damaged. They have waterproof coils that allow them to safely work while submerged in water. They will cost you more though.

4. Not knowing how detectors work might scare you. But you need not worry. Modern metal detectors come complete with settings that are beginner friendly.

5. The amount of money you have will ultimately determine the metal detector you buy. But whether you settle for a pricey or a cheap model, its capability features and durability will largely depend on the price you pay for it. The higher you pay the better the experience in your detecting adventures. The advice is to buy an expensive yet affordable detector that will not disappoint you.

6. Metal detectors come in a variety of stylish designs. The best one for you will depend on how and where you will use it. If you will travel for long distances detecting, you will require a light and small one. You don't want more weight in your backpack.

7. With the right equipment, metal detecting can be pretty enjoyable and rewarding too. Which is due diligence must be used when getting yourself the gadgets for this. A poor performing detector might even make you dislike the hobby.