Metal Detecting is an exciting hobby that offers the opportunity to discover buried treasures. Using ground search metal detectors to find coins buried underground can be quite profitable. Coins from decades or even centuries ago could be hidden under just a few inches of soil. It is very popular to use a metal detector at a beach or park, where visitors may have dropped jewelry while playing, or on battlefields from centuries past, where you may find war relics, buttons, and a whole range of other artifacts.

You might even be able to find a valuable treasure in your own backyard.

If you want to participate in this hobby, the first step is buying a metal detector. Sophisticated metal detectors come in styles designed for hobby, prospecting, or security use. Every model currently on the market is much more powerful than the metal detectors of years past. With long lists of features and a wide variety of styles, buying a metal detector in today's market is no easy task. Choosing the most reliable metal detector is crucial for success in metal detecting. An LCD screen can help you determine whether your find is worth digging up, or just rusty scrap metal. In fact, some of the more sophisticated models will even display the possible object, so that you can tell if you've found a watch or an antique coin even before you start digging.

It helps if you know what type of objects you want to find, although the highest quality metal detectors have the depth or sensitivity adjusters so that you can use the metal detector for a wide range of applications. If you plan to use your detector in shallow water, you may want a waterproof model, although most metal detectors can be used with water-resistant coils for everyday metal detecting. While many are good all-around metal detectors, others are designed specifically for gold, coins, underwater searching, or other uses, and use a specific frequency tailored to finding those types of objects.

Both size and weight are important considerations when purchasing a metal detector. The size of the search coil on the end of the detector will determine how much ground you're able to cover in a single pass.

The overall weight of the device is also important because it affects how far and how long you can carry the metal detector comfortably.

Garrett Metal Detectors are one of the most popular brands, known for the simplicity of operation and accuracy. This detector can be used to find anything from war relics to coins and even the tiniest piece of jewelry buried underground. With today's newest metal detecting technologies, it is even possible to search previously searched areas to find metal objects that were missed with older metal detectors. There could still be something good left behind- Even a novice has the potential to find enough relics, rare coins, or lost jewelry to recover the cost of the metal detector in no time.

There are many sites that sell metal detectors at great competitive prices. You can also get them at your local store, but might not have as many choices compared to an online store. When deciding on a new metal detector, just make sure you are getting the one you need or want for the correct price.